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dust.js for your Java web applications

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dust.js is the very nice and ultra-fast JavaScript templating library now chosen and adopted by LinkedIn from over 20 others.

dust4j provides extensible, zero-dependency and non-intrusive automatic on-the-fly compilation of Servlet/JSP output to dust.js templates for any Java Web Application that adheres Java Servlet specification.



none, except plain Java SDK 6+, Servlet API and human

How to use it

Find details in project README on GitHub


Thanks go to Aleksander Williams for creating such a nice templating rocket. Also special thanks to LinkedIn for taking care of it

Also thanks in advance to you for code, bug reports, suggestions or just a star on GitHub :)


Your own Noroutine

His name is Alex, his key fun, food and profit right now is Java and JavaScript and his way is doing that without much routine. If you're interested in having your own Alex on board don't hesitate to check more of his projects or connect with him on LinkedIn